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so much has changed since being pregnant with the girls.. it seems like in only 2 short years, i have learned everything and nothing all at the same time.  one thing is for sure though, having only one baby has already proven to be much more simple!! this belly is growing at hyper speed and i jumped feet first into maternity clothes without a second thought this pregnancy. i have learned to embrace comfort, style and functionality in maternity wear and i’ve been much more thoughtful in what i have ‘needed’ this time around. clothes that i can wear past these 9 months {fingers crossed!} and that will change with my ever changing body is essential.

enter: cardimom by multiwear.
this versatile sweater accommodates all of your needs from pregnancy to nursing, motherhood and beyond.  perfect for this growing bump, it can be styled as both a poncho (pictured above) or as a cardigan (pictured below).

14 uses and counting…

  • Shrug cardigan no need to wear a scarf, can be converted into a poncho with just a turn of the collar
  • Poncho that can be belted, knotted, or worn flowy with dresses, skirts, & jeans
  • Nursing Cover – the generous neckline makes it easy to nurse discreetly allowing baby some shelter to latch effectively. Mom’s scent comforts baby beyond belief!
  • Yoga/Barre/Pilates Coverup – show-stopping leggings are our fave but a stylish cover up is sometimes necessary. It’s a great cool down/meditation cover and neckhole doubles as an open back vent
  • Hooded sweater – caught in the rain or cold? Simply put the shrug collar over your head and protect your blowout!
  • Maternity Cardigan – the open front means you can wear this cardigan through your blossoming months
  • Maternity Poncho – this flattering draping poncho looks great both before during and after pregnancy
  • Babywearing Cardigan – the neck hole in cardigan mode allows you to wear this over your carrier both in front and back modes
  • Infant Car Seat & Stroller Canopy – you can drape your cardigan over your car seat to envelope baby with your comforting smell, getting them to sleep faster
  • Blanket and Lovey – a Cardimom on hand can keep baby warm on the go
  • Grocery Shopping Cart or Highchair Seat Cover – baby’s legs go through the neckhole when placed in the seat as a last minute cart cover

while i’ve practically lived in this cardigan from the moment i received it, it will become an essential while nursing this new sweet babe! you may remember seeing this nursing cover while i was breastfeeding the girls on the go and i still wore it long after we were done.  i couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new color + pattern and it most certainly didn’t disappoint.  so soft and snuggly.. you won’t ever take it off!!
also featured by multiwear is the diaper bag line that i tested out last summer and there has been so much progress!!

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discount code

i’m super excited to team up with multiwear to offer everyone a generous 15% OFF your entire purchase using the code TWINPEEKS at checkout! 🙂

special thanks to multiwear for sponsoring this post!  as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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15 thoughts on “maternity style with multiwear + discount code

  1. Talk about convertible, amazing piece of clothing and wow has maternity wear ever evolved. Love this! ?

  2. I just ordered a multiwear item and I can’t wait to wear it to the gym! Thanks for the discount! ❤️

  3. wow! Super cool that it can be used so many ways! I just had my third babe 8 weeks ago. You look great! Also, kind of secretly jealous that you have twins!

    1. Thanks, Amanda!! It’s so so versatile!! Hehe, they’re the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the best!! 🙂 I love being a twin mama!! :*

    1. I know, I was so irritated when I discovered it in the last week or so of nursing my girls… Now I’m super pumped to have another one for a new babe! 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks, Charlotte!! It’s so so so comfy and versatile!! I have another reader who doesn’t have kids and got one for the gym!!

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