the division of labor + giveaway

since entering into toddlerhood with twins, i have been on the hunt for a good diaper bag to meet all of our needs.

the choices are endless + i am someone who puts a lot of thought into what i need from a bag. with twin toddlers, i most certainly need a hands-free option and one with lots of pockets + space…but not too much space that will lend itself to spilled sippy cups and the never-ending search for that one toy.

as i transitioned to staying home with the girls, our dynamics changed, which also meant so did my needs of a diaper bag.  we’re not doing drop off to day care anymore {although my mom does still watch the girls 1 day most weeks}, but i do go to the gym + the errands are a daily happening! i’ve found many bags i want to love, but in the end, can’t justify spending that much money on a bag when i still see flaws or something that i would change.

i first came into contact with the CEO and Founder of MULTIWEAR on Instagram ( when she was asking moms what was on their wishlist for a diaper bag. i was immediately intrigued, gave my input on what the deal breakers were for me + the rest is history.

it was love at first sight.

you first saw The Division of Labor here + here when i talked about how we managed to survive {and enjoy!} traveling with twins. this bag was a lifesaver the entire vacation… from packing everything two toddlers could possibly need on an airplane, to packing only the essentials to go to the beach, The Division of Labor did it all.

IMG_1963in case you haven’t had the chance to check these beauties out for yourself, The Division of Labor is a bag system that accommodates it all… easily carried together, or separated for drop offs, daddy days, going to the gym, beach, or running into the store.

pockets. dividers. fits on a single or double stroller {can i get an ‘amen’ twin mamas?!}. easily wiped clean. insulated bottle pockets. i could go on. and on. and on.

IMG_1959isn’t it beautiful?!

truth: i carry a lot of stuff.
truth: despite the pics on here and social media, we rarely have our stuff together and i often am pulling random things out to make it through a target run {thank goodness we discovered dum-dums!}

so what’s in our bag?!


6-8 diapers
two changes of clothes (one for each girl, or two for’s gone both ways)
sippy cups
bug spray
diaper rash cream

these are the essentials that go with us wherever we are.

PicTapGo-Imagethen there’s the mom tote! these needs change depending on what is happening for the day.

gym? extra bra and shirt, shoes, wash cloth, two water bottles, snack, wallet, sunnies, yoga mat, phone + keys
kids free day? laptop, EC planner, journal, wallet, lip gloss, snack, sunnies, phone, markers + keys
marathon day? all. of. it.

the beauty of it all is that everything fits, or it condenses down into a compact bag. mom win at it’s finest.

giveaway time!

IMG_2190i’m so excited to team up with MULTIWEAR to offer one lucky winner a Tank Cardimom + $10 Starbucks gift card! if you haven’t seen these amazing multi-functional cardigans, you. are. missing. out.
knits-14_grandenursing. pregnant. mama of 4. or single and ready to mingle (yep, just said it). you need this cardigan. and how stinking cute in a tank?! i need one. now.

this cardigan will make the most perfect shower gift for that mommy-to be {or keep it for yourself!}..and let’s be honest, who doesn’t need Starbucks?

giveaway runs from monday july 11 through thursday july 14. winner will be announced friday!

enter for your chance to win in the rafflecopter giveaway below!

wishing you all good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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