little mister {or} little sister | gender reveal baby #3

..well the secret is out and our hearts are over the moon..

after our anatomy scan and getting the all clear from vasa previa + another high risk pregnancy, i finally felt like i have been able to breathe a breath of fresh air. it was finally time to get excited about the ‘fun stuff’. when people have asked what gender we ‘want’, we repeat over and over: we just want a healthy, full-term baby and to stay out of NICU.

we decided to celebrate and do the reveal with our families and i planned a small get together to make our big announcement.  at our anatomy scan, we had erin {my beloved ultrasound tech} write down the gender and include said ultrasound pics in an envelope.  i made some really simple food, snacks + drinks and then we corralled everyone outside to watch as we pulled the strings to our giant pull-string piñata. the piñata ended up being a lot of fun to make and i was super pleased with how it turned out for our big news!

the idea was to have the girls pull the strings, but when it came time for everyone to watch them, they froze. ha, piper was terrified and lila was shaking.
it was c h i l l y. like, c h i l l l l l y.

gender reveal piñata

so as a family, we counted down and pulled our string…

gender reveal DIY

IT’S A B O Y!!!

while i could have lost my mind, zach is so ridiculously not outwardly excited about things like this… but, i still teared up knowing the excitement in his heart.

we finally got a smile out of ducky as we tried to explain our little baby would be a baby brother…

a little mister. 

what am i going to do with a boy?!

i still can’t believe it and my heart is simply over the moon… i laid in bed last night, feeling this sweet little boy kick and kick and kick. who will he be like? will he have ducky’s nose? lila’s cheeks? his daddy’s sense of humor?
so many dreams for this little boy and i just couldn’t feel more blessed that God chose me to be his mama.

question: did you have a gender reveal?!



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14 thoughts on “little mister {or} little sister | gender reveal baby #3

  1. i definitely got the chance to hack lindsey’s page tonight considering she is asleep at 8:30 but i do have to say if he gets his daddy’s humor:) he will be a lady crusher. thats how i stole the heart of my lovely girl. sure as hell wasn’t my good looks. 🙂

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