friday favs

wake up, san francisco!
full house, anyone?
crickets.. annnd moving on to…friday!!

i’m super behind today because earlier this week my beloved macbook crashed. wah. wah. still waiting to get it back, but things just have been pushed back!  i hope you’ve had a good week! anything good going on?! in the most ‘i’m not stalking you way’…i love to hear about what you’re getting into!

 we’ve been busy busy busy! i felt like i was feeding the girls breakfast in the car almost every day and we were constantly running from one place to the next. all wonderful wonderful things, i just can’t believe we’re a week into october already!!

per the usual, fridays are always reserved for things that are making me smile this week! i love to hear what you’re loving so be sure to play along in the comments section!

golden-letters-thank-you-design_1095-240the love
after my post went live on wednesday, i received so many emails and messages across all platforms showing so much support.  blogging is so weird sometimes and deciding what to share and put on public display is something zach and i are always talking about.  my whole goal when i started to blog was to raise awareness and give someone what i needed when we were going through the messy parts of infertility, cancer and a high risk pregnancy.  it’s delicate. it’s heartfelt and something that isn’t always to talk about…but we have made the choice that if we can help one couple, one person, then it will be worth it.  i can’t tell you how much i appreciate all of the support and love you all have given us.  people i have never met have hopped on board to support us and let us know we’re not alone, and truly… it is the best ‘gift’ you could ever ever give a blogger. so share with your friends or family who needs it… you never know who is fighting that silent battle alone.

img_5756..iPhone update..
i literally haven’t updated my phone in about 1.5 years and so when i decided to buy some more cloud storage and it automatically started updating… i was slightly nervous. oh. my. gosh. guys!!! THIS IS THE BEST!! so many cool features, i feel like i’ve been hiding under a rock?! my brother-in-law makes fun of how not tech savvy i am sometimes, but between him and my rock star hair stylist i think i’m all caught up. ha, yea right.. i’ve basically learned how to do like 3 things. my favorites?! oh, well let me tell youuuu!
1.  bedtime. if you know me, at all… i like to be in bed NO later than 10pm but am a fairly early riser.  this new feature gives you an alarm when it’s time to hit the sack and then SLOWLY in the most wonderful way, wakes you up!!! it is seriously the best.
2.  handwritten messages. again, mind blown. it makes your handwriting pretty and you can send it in a message!!!
3.  text customizations… alright so mark totally was playing games this morning when he sent confetti through a text… i finally figured it out and beware. if you have iMessage and you text will be confetti-fide.
alright so help a sister out…what is your favorite new thing about the update??!!

31odsbhhwflliving proof dry blast volume
you’ve heard me rave about living proof before mainly because i can go 5-7 days without washing my hair with their dry shampoo…don’t hate. i still shower. but seriously what toddler mom…of two toddlers. at the same time… have time to wash and dry their hair every day?! regardless. my hair is really, really fine. and so i spend quite the time teasing my crown {if you don’t know how to do this, you need to watch this tutorial…kate is absolutely amazing and the only reason i have any clue how to do my makeup or hair, ever, is because of her!}. so anyways, living proof did it again and now has made my life even easier!!! just spray this stuff in and it’s teased for the day!! phew!

erin_blog-46living in yellow
every once in awhile i like to share other bloggers who i follow and if you haven’t happened upon erin’s hilarious corner of cyberspace, you seriously need to. she is so ridiculously funny and i literally laugh out loud reading her posts.  she rocks the stitch fix world and her fashion is right up my alley. show her some love and get your laugh for the day!

2522267fall candles
it’s officially october and i can have 7 fall candles going at any given time… i’m not ashamed.  i found this shop at a fair a couple years ago and it’s been a birthday + christmas present almost every year… zach knows my obsession and he totally reaps the benefits.  home sweet home is my favorite is seriously THE best fall candle i have ever, ever smelled in my life. and i’m hoarding the jars because i have big plans… 🙂

this post may contain affiliate links to where if you, the reader, makes a purchase, i will make a very small commission.  all opinions are 100% my own and i hope you don’t mind! i appreciate your support!

question: what’s your favorite thing about the iOS update?! any fun plans for the weekend?!

happy fri-YAY!



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  1. I so have to try the Dry Blast as I use the extra-volume products for my fine hair. Thanks! I filled my window box and my Mom’s railing boxes with pumpkins and gourds this week and I love them. That’s what I’m excited about. ??????

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