friday favs #45

FRIDAAAY!! woo woo!! i hope you’re doing wonderful today and have lots of fun and rest on the agenda for the weekend… we do! the only real plans we have is our sweet little graham is turning TWO in a few days so we have his birthday party tomorrow! how in the WORLD are our babies turning two?! i’m in serious denial mode right about now. before i go on and on..
i hope to see you back here on monday well rested, but for now let’s get going with our usual friday favs post where i share 5 things i’m loving! as always, don’t forget to tell me what’s making you smile this week!

25 weeks with baby brother
another great report this week as we’re in the last few weeks of the second trimester! we’re all falling more and more in love with this sweet boy by the day and i for one am dreaming of those sweet cheeks. the big sister’s literally attack my belly at any chance they get and i can tell he’s starting to respond to noises. i couldn’t believe when i looked back at my last picture to see it was at 20 weeks! ahhh, #momfail. maybe third child syndrome? that’s a thing, right? sheesh, good thing i have this adorable bump tracker to keep me on track because i’d lose it if not!

local shops
y’all know my love for shopping small and if there’s anything that could beat that, it’s shopping local. this week i had the absolute pleasure of working with my girls over at jungle red salon and if you have time, you HAVE to stop in for a blowout {dana}, nails {jenny}, lashes {joanna} or even makeup {julia}! tell them i sent you and you won’t be disappointed!
i am also so flattered to say we had the opportunity to work with the sweetest ladies over at bee mine sunshine and guys. oh. my. gosh. this pic is just a sneak peak at what is to come….bloomers, cardis, bows..oh my. i can’t wait to share more from their spring line!! EEK!  head over and check them out and then give them a follow on instagram… you’ll die when you see all their ohio gear for the babes too!!

chicken + bacon pasta with cream sauce
hooooooly guac i can’t wait to share this recipe with you guys!! chicken. bacon. tomatoes. spinach. pasta. cream. need i say any more?! i seriously am restraining myself from going to get a bowl as we speak. our grandma b. called right as we were sitting down for dinner so she even got to come and enjoy in this tastiness. so delicious and major mama points because BOTH girls ate it!! i’m high-fiving myself….because well. if you’re house is anything like mine is right now, it’s impossible to find something that both children will eat. it made so. much. food. so we will also be eating it for the next week! even more bonus points woo woo!

sleepy loves
i snuck into the girls room the other night to give them lovies before i crawled under and my heart simply exploded when i saw my big girls snuggled so sweet. mammaw had brought over a surprise panda that pappaw had picked out for them and they have been attached ever since.. throwing an absolute fit if their new ‘teddy’ doesn’t make it into their crib with their ‘baby’. so there they were, snuggled up tight, ducky with her baby while sleeping on her teddy and lila snuggled up as well. every time i don’t think they could get any cuter…sheesh.

best friends
and just because they’ve been more than adorable this week… let’s round up this week’s friday favs with a little more twin love! i am totally missing the warmer weather from last week, but…in case you missed it on instagram, i have to include it one more time.  while ducky LOVES ice cream and follows me around like a baby bird repeating ‘taste iseem pease’ until i give her some, lila likes the idea of it…but not so much. it cracked me up when they both sat down, scooted their little booties to the wall and proceeded to share the sprinkled ice cream. sister love. nothing like it!

question of the day:

what’s one thing making you smile this week?!



18 thoughts on “friday favs #45

  1. Your girls are just adorable! And that pasta looks and sounds amazing…yum yum! Congrats on your baby boy! I’m just a week behind you and we’re expecting our second little girl. 🙂

  2. Your little girls are just precious! I love how excited they are for little brother’s arrival. You’re going to have 2 great helpers!

    1. You got it girl! Coming next week!! 🙂 It was WAY more delicious than I even expected!! :*

  3. My good friend has twin girls and she has so many pictures of them sleeping in all different positions – it is so cute. I love how excited they are about your belly! They will love the baby too I’m sure! By the way, I’ve tried to follow your blog on bloglovin’ but it doesn’t seem to be updating correctly over there. Not sure how to fix that though!

  4. Your girls are adorable!! My kiddos are one (two, I guess) things that made me smile!

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