friday favs #42

have you had a great week?? i’ll be honest, i’ve been an emotional mess over here… but it seems like all those hormones have taken a chill pill towards the end of the week, thank goodness.  we have a fun weekend planned full of family and are kicking off this week with a twin play date… sounds like my cup of tea!
ps…did you watch scandal last night?! ah!!!!

i’m hearing some squealing coming from the girls room, so without further ado… friday favs! all things happy, positive, and things that make me smile! such a random round-up this week, but that’s about where my brain is.
as always, i love to hear from you… anything good going on?! spread some love here and share the goodness!

girls nights, play dates, story times… i seriously think i might crawl in a hole somewhere if i didn’t have girlfriends. making friends as an adult is just plain hard…am i right?! this mommyhood thing is tough and 95% of the time you feel like you’re failing at everything except creating {two} human beings to be picky eaters. but then, you grab a pizza, get some girl talk, head to story time, or show up with a bunch of other twin moms who are all in the exact same boat and realize that you’re all in this sticky mess together…and call it a beautiful blessing. it doesn’t happen enough, but i have most certainly started putting my girl time as a priority and it makes life all make sense.

baby #3 + a gender reveal
this should be number one… because i literally can. not. stop. thinking. about. saturday!!! we’re keeping it pretty low key with family + i’m making some form of a piñata… so, here’s to hoping it works out ok!! i couldn’t be more excited to find out this sweet babe’s gender… boy or girl, i just can’t wait. i can’t believe i’ve ignored an envelop sitting in my diaper bag for an entire week… but YAY!!! only one more day!!!

vasa previa awareness

i shared earlier this week that we got the all clear and was essentially released from ‘high risk’. i’ve been shouting praises and find myself repeatedly thinking ‘i couldn’t do this…couldn’t carry this… couldn’t pick that up…couldn’t do that…’. i’ve talked a million times about our diagnosis and what that meant for the girls… just how blessed we are to have two healthy girls. if you or someone you know is expecting {or planning to become pregnant} you need to head over to dayton moms blog where i shared risk factors and what you need to ask your OB to make sure you and your baby are safe. one simple test could save your baby’s life.

halo top ice cream
have. you. seen. this?! so i haven’t tried it yet, but i’ve seen it bouncing around… and i need to know. is it really this good?!? mint chocolate chip, birthday cake, chocolate mocha chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, sea salt caramel, cookies and cream, s’mores, oatmeal cookie. shall i go on?! help a girl out over here…yay?! nay?!

beauty and the beast
zach and i already have our date night set and we’re so excited!!! it looks like they’ve done an amazing job with casting and music. i think the only thing i was kinda turned off by was ‘chip’, the little teacup.  i’m sure it’ll blow me out of the water… ah, so are you in?! will you be going?!

what’s making you smile this week?!



9 thoughts on “friday favs #42

  1. I cant wait to watch beauty and the beast! I totally know what you mean about girl time being important. Its a shame that some of your friends seem to disappear when you have kids though but ive definitely found some amazing friends who are mums too at baby groups.

    Amina xx |

    1. Life most certainly changes when littles come along… but that girl time is so so so important!! So glad you’ve found some amazing friends too!

  2. Another one the way??? Who knew God was so good! Miss you so very much. Love from Naseem’s Mommy and family!

    1. Aww, yes, another little one, and this time A BOY!!!! God is so much bigger than I try to fit into my little box….

  3. Salted Carmel, Chicolaye Movha Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and S’mores are my fave!!! Cookies and Cream was a HUGE disappointment! Birthday Cake is alright too!! Btw I’m so happy for you guys!!! The girls are so cute!!!

      1. Ahhh, where do you buy, Tiffany?! I can never seem to find any of those flavors!!! And thank you :* :* :*

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