friday favs

good morning and happy fri-YAY!
i’m in a super good mood this morning because as soon as i hit submit on this bad boy, we’re headed out the door and i am headed out of town!! more details to come, but no kiddies, no hubby, just me + some other bloggers with nature and food!
anyways, i hope you have had such a great start to your new year… i can’t wait to hear new year’s resolutions!
without babbling on any longer..we all know that can happen..let’s talk friday favs!! if you’ve been around you know fridays are my day to focus on things that are making me smile!! i have a super fun list for you today, so check it out..and as always, share the smiles! don’t forget to let me know what’s making your week happier… i love reading each comment and hearing what’s making you guys happy!
coffee mug
this mug. need i say more?!?! i got this beauty as a christmas gift from my mama and there hasn’t been a single day since then that i haven’t used it. …just enough grace for today… i’m loving the daily reminder and not to mention i’ve totally nailed down the best latte with my new diy espresso maker!! woo!

another extremely thoughtful gift was this adorable box from one of my favs.. mama said tees. in this box were a handful of various items to spread kindness and while i was ooh-ing and aah-ing as i pulled out each one, this little teeny book ‘the kindness key’ is one that i have already used and am in. love. with. it’s 21 days {you know, 21 days to break + build a new habit} with 21 ways to be a better you. i love taking some time each morning in the word, reading, or just drinking my coffee that i can pray for my family, my day, and get my brain ready for what’s to come. what better way than to start out with some kindness?

speaking of coffee… i’m killin it these days making a mean latte!! check that baby out up there!! i’ve wanted an espresso maker for who knows how long….months…and it’s just not in our budget..but! i found this beauty and good night i’m obsessed..and it is soooo easy. they have absolutely zero idea who i am.. it’s just relish. i’ll be honest, i didn’t want something i had to work at in the morning, but i have a latte in my hands and everything is cleaned up within 5 minutes. frothed milk, a little sugar or creamer, and a shot of espresso. hallelujah. so easy to clean… and then it’s back and ready to use for the next morning!!

jungle red
in case you missed it and your local to the dayton area, you have to check out jungle red salon!! i’m actually stopping by to get another manicure before i head out for the weekend because they’re like way way way overdue. i still have my set of lashes on from above {that’s right…5 weeks later} and they’re still looking amaaazing! it’s your one stop salon for a blowout, lashes, mani + pedi, or hair care! so much to offer and you’ll love this friendly and beautiful space! don’t forget to mention ‘twin peeks’ for 15% discount!! better believe i’m cashing that one in for myself!!

if you follow along on instagram you have seen some pretty cute videos and pictures pop up in my story of two of the besets friends in the world…these two have been cracking me up lately with their antics and i just couldn’t be more excited about their friendship that is blooming. for a week or two, piper has started greeting everyone with a ‘hi + name’ and it is the cutest in the world when its her bestest. i walked out of my room yesterday to see they had pulled a blanket into the hallway and were sitting side by side, chatting about a book they were reading. twins are hard. like really hard. that first year i’m not sure how we made it..but these days, it is literally the most amazing experience and i couldn’t be prouder to be their mama.

**and cue the tears, i’m going to miss them so much!!!**

so there’s my list!! it was actually hard to narrow this one down…
so tell me! what’s making you smile this week?! 

i hope you have such a great weekend and i’ll see you monday!



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  1. Bee?safe and enjoy adult conversations! I’m already looking forward to the details of your mini get away! ❤

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