friday favs

happy friday and happy december!!! can you even believe it?!
december 1st marks the start of so many happy things… i couldn’t be more excited to really be getting festive!!

i hope you have recovered from a full week back after the holidays and are ready to go full force gearing up for christmas fun! this week i have nothing but christmas on the brain and having two crazy nuts running around wild this year has been SO fun! naturally, this week of friday favs will be following along the theme!
i always love adding to our traditions and hearing what others do…so please share!! what are your favs this time of year?! big plans with the littles? anything i must check out?! don’t forget to play along and let me know what’s making you smile this week!
christmas tree fun
growing up, one of my most favorite memories of christmas time was going to cut down our christmas tree. it was such a fun family event, getting hot chocolate, seeing ‘eyore’ the donkey in the barn, and throwing mittens on trees to mark contestants before we chose the winner we would haul back to the car. bickering with our dad about getting the fattest tree on the lot and then drinking egg nog and watching rudolf as we decorated our masterpiece. this has been by far one tradition i was most excited to share with the girls and while they’re still not old enough to get the concept of going to get a tree, they most certainly had a blast putting ornaments on!! we’re so blessed to have so many people to love our girls and our journey now includes my sister and her family, both my mom and stepdad and dad and stepmom! such a fun tradition these grandkids get to grow up with! i wasn’t sure how this year would go with the girls and the christmas tree and they have done SO great!! lila is obsessed with the ‘balls’ and they walk around it saying, ‘hot, hot’ as in they can’t touch it because it’s on fire. ha! hilarious seeing the world through eyes of a toddler.

christmas movies
again.. something i have been looking forward to with the girls..moments in my heart i cherished growing up and i want the girls to love.. the girls just aren’t very good at watching tv {i’m perfectly fine with that!} and would rather be running around playing than sitting watching anything. probably because we don’t have cable, so they were recently introduced to sesame street and basically have no idea who any character is other than elmo. still..i had this vision snuggling in a blanket watching frosty and singing songs. i’m a nut job. anyways. rudrolf came on as we were brushing teeth and reading our bible and i quickly said, ‘ducky, why don’t you sit on daddy’s lap and we can watch rudolf until the commercial!’ clearly saying it more to zach, he rolled his eyes and complied and i looked over to the sweetest snuggles and kisses as the girls exhaustingly sat and giggled at the abominable snowman. my heart exploded… lila preferred to read the book, but my entire holiday season was made in the 5 minutes my crew snuggled on the couch and watched one of my favorites.

abc’s american bake off
as i sit here and type this (i typically type posts out the night before these days), i have officially fallen in love with the american bake off! i turned on the tv expecting to have some trash tv as background noise while i wrapped this up but two hours later…and i’m still sitting here, not hitting ‘publish’ as i thought! have you watched this?! i’m normally not into the holiday specials that come on while my usual shows are on break, but i’ve kinda fallen for this one! i think my inner baker is inspired…you know. the 100 pinterest recipes i will never prepare… right.

holiday gift guides
oh goodness. i can’t get enough!! i’ve said it a million times, i can’t get enough of gifting to others and i’ve had a blast putting them together for HIM and HER!!.  i get totally sucked in every time i see a gift guide to see what’s hot this year!! i’m very much trying to embrace the ‘want what you have’, and i can truly say that without a gift under the tree with my name, my heart would be full….but i still can’t get enough of checking out these guides!! i’m still working on the girls’ lists… so what’s on your lists for people in your life?!

holiday spiced flat white
oh good night. have you had this?!?!?!? i haven’t been into super sweet lately and this is the most delicious burst of holiday in your mouth…and then w when is starbucks going to start delivering?! anyone? i mean seriously, i feel like this should be a no brainer. anyways…so so so delish!!

happy friday to you!! i hope you have a great weekend and don’t forget to tell me what’s making you smile this week!




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2 thoughts on “friday favs

  1. It is the best time of the year no doubt. Can’t wait to take the girls on holiday hunts???

  2. Your five minutes of Rudolf bliss made my morning. I’m looking forward to taking three of the little ones to look at light displays and hopefully next year they’ll be five with me?and Bunny?! Happy Friday! ❤️

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