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good morning and happy monday!
it’s more than a good day in this house because we got the call super early that we get zach for an extra day!! say wha!! there’s a power outage at the high school so we’re having an extra long weekend and that is most certainly something to celebrate! this weekend was so so so much fun but i certainly am excited to have one more weekend-feeling day!!

friday morning, we woke up at 3am to get the last bags in the car before we woke up the girls to throw them in. we wanted to make most of the drive while the girls were sleeping because they’re at an age where they don’t loooove to be restrained for long periods of time at all.


the girls woke up with about 1.5 hours left, so we made a pit stop at wal-mart to let them run and run and run. clearly, wal-mart isn’t complete without jams, so the circus arrived, jams and all. nothing like bribes with cookies at 8am to get them semi-under control. {my behavior analyst self was screaming at me!}



we made it about 10am with enough time to play outside, collect acorns {these nuts are obsessed… < see what i did there?! ha!} , have lunch, and go down for our nap a bit early.
once mammaw and pappaw arrived, we all got packed up and headed out for an afternoon ride and zach even got a ski ride in! i’ll tell you what, seeing those little girls watch him and scream ‘dada’ while pointing and waving could have been the best thing about the entire weekend. so. much. fun.

when we got in for the evening, it was bath and bed time for the little ladies while the adults got to enjoy a steak dinner and games with wine! woo woo!


saturday we took it easy in the morning and of course collected acorns. lila has started asking to go outside and would have an absolute cow until someone gave in and put shoes on to take her out.  drama.


when we got out on the water, mammaw took us right out to somerset dock to feed the fishies + turtle and the girls had a  b l a s t!!


we smelled the flowers, played on the dock and these two were the happiest little clams.

the girls were starving when we got back on the boat so they ate lunch before we forced them to take a nap..which was extremely short lived as soon as we stopped the engine. oh well.



swimming. eating. playing. so much fun!!


we got in pretty early because the main event of the weekend was the dock party! everyone brings a dish and there is so. much. food. a band plays at night and everyone hangs on the boats and on the dock! so much fun, we even got to see aunt janice and uncle clint!
no naps = cranky little girls so we headed up a little early with the intention to listen to the band from our porch but the couch and football got the best of us and we called it an early night.


sunday is always the worst day of vaca because it means traveling back home. we got the girls up and let them play while we packed up and headed out.  the girls took a long nap and we made it to georgetown before we made our hour long wal-mart stop and ran a muck tearing everything off the shelves. lunch followed in the van and we finally made it home for dinner and destroying the house. i swear these two have turned into tiny tornadoes and literally can destroy a house in 15 minutes.

we had such an incredible weekend and this mama needed to really unplug. a full weekend with hardly any service, it felt really good to focus all my attention on zach and the girls..every once in awhile i need to remember to take a step back and be in the moment. this weekend was just what i needed!

i hope you had such a great weekend, thanks for stopping by the blog today!!

question: what was the best part of your weekend?! have you ever taken time to unplug from technology or social media?!

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10 thoughts on “family vaca | dale hollow lake

  1. Looks like you had fun! I am originally from TN and used to go to Dale Hollow all of the time 🙂

    1. So fun, Dana! I had never been until I met Zach but we love it! So excited the girls have such a beautiful lake to grow up on!

  2. If I didn’t have your blog to start my week it would be horrible! The pics this week are some of the most heart warming. I could see the joy in Mamaw’s face. Best part of my weekend? I got to spend a little time with my niece Grace whom I had not been with in six weeks,…….?

    1. You made my day! Thank you!! So great you got to spend time with grace! Im sure it was a blast!

  3. Lindsey, I have to say.. I am taking a break for a minute to unwind from an already crazy Monday.. I read your blog and it was the sweetest! I love you guys, thank you for sharing your weekend in such a pleasant way! My best memory is Liberty getting her face painted at the Pretzel Festival like a puppy!

  4. Great to be able to see your family weekend. Wonderful pictures that Show how much fun you guys had. So happy to see Mark and Amy enjoying those sweet babies 🙂

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