a weekend in pictures | fall firsts

fall is officially upon us and we soaked up every bit of it this weekend… and i have plenty of pictures to prove it.
i feel like it was just september and here we are, a third of the way through the month! anyone else feel like time is just flying by??? time is getting away from me and i blink…then boom. it’s the next month.  is it toddler phase?! just running around?! being an adult?! we’re just having the best time and every new experience is so much fun!
speaking of new experiences…let’s start with friday!


the girls got to experience their first friday night football game with their cousins and had SO much fun! they loved the music, dancing and goodness all the “baaaalllllllssss”.


quite possibly my most favorite thing about being a twin mama (aside from the sissy lovins) happened on friday night…they {intentionally} held hands walking.
be still my heart.


we woke up early saturday morning to drop the girls off at grandma and grandpa’s house while we went to spend the day and evening on the river! the girls clearly had a blast at kings island and soaking up all of the grandparent loving they could possibly handle!!


we headed down to the ohio river to explore, relax and travel.
we made stops, talked, ate, explored, drank, danced, sang, laughed, and had. so. much. fun!



we wound up finding one of our favorite bands by chance and rocked out to the menus while checking out what the town had to offer..he has outfit changes multiple times through the show and loves to engage all of the fans!


after fireworks we headed to aurora indiana to find, quite possibly, the greatest gem in all of indiana and ohio, third and main. gooooodness i just don’t think i can even put into words how i n c r e d i b l e this food is. if you’re anywhere remotely close, you need to go! then tell me what your favorite thing was!



sunday morning could have been the most beautiful fall sunrise out on the water. coffee in hand, i soaked up all God has to offer and this beauty we got to enjoy.


after we grabbed the girls from their fun weekend with grandma and grandpa, we headed to mammaw and pappaw’s house! we’re so blessed to have family so close and the girls got to experience their first bonfire!


we even took the time to smell mammaw’s flowers.


i just can’t get enough of this hand holding business.


these two and their flowers… it’s the little things folks.

so simple.

be happy.
be funny.
be kind.

i hope you had such a good weekend and would love to hear about it!

question: what was the best part of your weekend?!



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One thought on “a weekend in pictures | fall firsts

  1. You guys certainly packed in a ton of fun! I too, love the hand holding, especially the one with Mamaw. The bowl helmets with Grandpa are awesome. Making me smile on Mondays is what you do with this blog. ?? Best part of the weekend, camping with my boys! ⛺️

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