toddler news | 15 months

15 months.

how in the world did that happen?!?! i feel like we were just celebrating the girls first birthday and here we are!

IMG_2768lila marie

too big for your britches, missy! you are o f f i c i a l l y walking as of like yesterday. you have been toddling around taking more and more steps, but today, we officially have a walker.
you are more emotions wrapped up in this teeny body than you know what to do with. grammie calls you mighty mouse and it’s a name well earned.  you try to pick up the heaviest things you can find and think you’re a giant walking around
IMG_2694you love to blow raspberries on my legs and you have a belly laugh to die for.
giving lovins is your favorite and when you go to kiss your sis, my heart is in a puddle on the floor!
that little mind of yours is going a mile a minute and you love to play and play and play.
pointing is one of your favorite things to do and you’re always asking for ‘up’ so you can look out the windows at the leaves.

you’re making more and more sounds as the days go on and you want to talk with your whole being.  soon enough, lila bean, soon enough.  speech therapy is helping give us more and more activities to practice and try but you do have a few of your favs down: ‘mama’, ‘up’, ‘bobo’ and some version of ‘cookie’. the rest are coming!

IMG_2962you’re my observer. thinker. rough and tumble daddy’s girl.
you have become a picky eater and refuse to eat if someone else feeds you.  you know what you want, when you want it and won’t have anyone else tell you otherwise.
your persistence is hilarious and you literally tremble with anger if something doesn’t go the way you want it. just yesterday, you threw such a temper tantrum over a sippy cup of milk that you busted your eye and your chin.
on the flip side, you’re easy going with most things and love to rough house and be silly.
that toofy smile cracks me and everyone else up and you will share it with the world! you’ve become quite the ham lately and love to show off in the grocery store.

IMG_2351you’re such a good sleeper and sleep h.a.r.d.
the other night you had a tough go round which never happens anymore, so i’ll blame it on those molars coming in. i took full advantage and snuggled until we both fell asleep. it’s one of my favorites. your humming to lull yourself is the most precious sound i’ve ever heard.

my sweet sweet lila bean.

you’re this beautiful, hilarious, strong-willed, caring little package all wrapped up into one… we adore you so, missy.

IMG_3027piper lynn

my little mini me.
where to start with that teeny little self.
you have come so far and are making such big leaps and bounds.  while sis is developing her gross motor skills, you are well on your way to talking in full sentences and asking for the car keys. you echo almost every word now and can ask for most anything you want with one prompt. you know your signs and i can’t bring myself to correct your sign for ‘eat’ because it is literally the cutest thing i’ve ever seen when you stick your one little finger in your mouth.

IMG_2192your looks. oh lawdy those looks, ducky.
when you get in trouble. when a stranger talks to you. when your squealing. when you’re mad. they are all absolutely hilarious and you will be absolutely be terrible at poker some day.
chin down, eyes up looking from the corner of your eye. we are in so much trouble and goodness gracious someone help me when you’re 16 and you roll your eyes at me.

my social butterfly and shadow… you don’t care what toys are around, as long as your on my hip or in my lap you’re happy.  you need every boo boo kissed, every victory clapped for, and every bite cheered for.

IMG_3505you’re getting stronger and stronger every day and want so badly to keep up with sis walking.  you’re finally cruising and even have taken a couple of steps, defeating those odds!! you’re custom braces are coming in soon and i can’t wait to see you take off!! your therapists are so proud of you and i love saying, just wait till you see what she can do this week!! you’re killing it, ducky and we just are so proud of you!

IMG_3610you’re so sweet, watching you snuggle your ‘ducky’, stuffed animals, and blankies are amongst the cutest.  you give lovins enthusiastically with one big, ‘muuuuuuah’ and i’ll take a million a day!
i hope you love this fiercely forever, my peanut. you’ve got the heart of a giant and you’ll change this world with it.

IMG_3639temper. tantrums. on the flip side to that sweet little punkin is the temper tantrum queen. so dramatic you are missy and i can’t help but laugh when you put your head on the ground and squeal over a dropped cheerio.  that temper is going to give me a run for my’re starting early, girlfriend with those timeouts!

for being such a little skinny minny, you are a taaank and eat about as much as your daddy. you’re not super picky and will eat just about anything we put in front of you!

IMG_3497ducky, ducky…
we love you so, sweet girl. i don’t mind all these extra snuggles you’re needing lately and love that sometimes, you just need lovins. we simply adore you, lovey.











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  1. Miracles,……….seems like yesterday you and I were sitting in your hospital room looking at ultrasounds and making nose comments. I love reading about you guys! ???

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