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happy february! is it just me or did you blink and january was gone?! i am so so so ready for spring weather and sunshine…all of these overcast, cold, windy and rainy days are starting to wear on me.
one thing that always brings sunshine to my world is being able to share small shops with you that i am in love with. i am SO super excited to be partnering with suttersisters to bring you one of THE most adorable shops for accessories in toddlerhood.

i found suttersisters when the girls were only about 5 months old and i wanted a pair of moccs to slip on their tiny toots. i was so so so impressed with the quality of the moccs and i couldn’t help but snag some adorable leather bows while i was over there. honestly. look at these babies!!


these were the only moccs they owned and let me fill you in on a little secret… i literally just put them in their ‘too small’ bin in their closet. that’s an entire year folks.

when ducky got her braces , i had a really hard time finding shoes that would fit her feet + braces because she needed such a small size. the ones i didn’t find…well, i just didn’t like. not that it really matters, but when sis is rocking some adorable sneaks or moccs, it just kinda tugged on my heart that ducky could only wear her tennies.  i did finally find some sneaks that were cute and we lived in those…but to find a small shop who will custom make a product to fit your child with special needs… i will shout it to the moon.

enter: suttersisters.

the beautiful brains behind this shop offered to make our sweet little girl custom-fit moccs to fit over her braces to match her sis. i may or may not have cried. let me first say that i am by no means ashamed of piper’s braces… they have helped her learn to walk and have allowed her to make leaps and bounds in her development…but they also have limited my ability to match the girls in all of the adorable little girls’ shoes.

if you have a little who wears braces you know how tricky it is to find shoes in general that fit, let alone adorable ones… suttersisters is happy to help with making the cutest moccs to custom fit your child’s braces so they are a perfect fit.  you’ll simply take a few measurements, send them over and you will not be disappointed.
while you’re there, you have to check out the cutest bows you’ve ever seen to add to your collection…and you won’t be able to choose just one, trust me. i need these. and these. and these. oh and don’t forget these.
can we just talk about lila’s cheesin? i just can’t focus anymore.

gah, these two make my heart explode.
one second they’re grabbing each other’s hands and running…the next, pushing each other over and lila’s trying to sit on piper, while screaming. we run a muck over here and i wouldn’t trade it for the world.

special thanks to suttersisters for the sponsorship of this post. as always, opinions expressed are 100% my own.

bows c/o
long-sleeved body suits
moccs c/o



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12 thoughts on “toddler accessories + suttersisters

  1. When you find a company willing to go the extra mile, you stick with them. Suttersisters will thrive with this kind of customer service! Love the photos! ????

    1. I’m with ya, Amina!! Seems like you have to buy shoes all the time to keep up!!

  2. CAN THEY PLEASE STOP BEING SO ADORABLE !! Joking of course !! They are so sweet together aren’t they? They’re wardrobe is so darling, I love it x

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