a sunshine filled weekend

good morning to you!! i hope you’re checking in here feeling refreshed and ready to tackle a new week.  if you’re anything like my hubby, you’re actually still enjoying a day off today. {hallelujah for a teacher’s schedule!}…so here’s to hoping you have something fun on the calendar!

we have had SUCH a good weekend filled with sunshine and warmer weather.. i just never want them to end. our weekend actually started a day early when zach had an extra day off…let’s start from the beginning, shall we?!


friday we started our day by doing a major cleanup from my thursday shenanigans of tackling the nursery.  it had been our guest room, extra closet, store-all…anything you want to call it. so lots of trips downstairs and donations to the car later..and we finally had an empty nursery…woo!  the girls had breakfast while we were running around and then we quickly cleaned up, threw some clothes on and were ready for the day. our physical therapist and developmental specialist from Help Me Grow came out and worked with the girls for a little bit before we packed up and headed out the door.  on a whim, we met up with christine, graham, grammie and grampie for a quick lunch + play date at the park.  the girls simply LOVE being outside but then add swinging, climbing, and slides in there…toddler heaven.

after the park, we made a quick pitstop at a local shop to pick up some annie sloan chalk paint i needed to start working on the girls’ and baby brother’s dressers.  we bribed the girls to stay awake the entire way home with suckers and quickly turned in for nap while i finished doing some clean up. the rest of the afternoon we spent outside again, enjoying the little things.
kicking the ball, picking soybeans and finding sticks.
toddlers simply amaze me. just keep it simple. we ended up heading over to a friends for a bonfire, pizza and playtime before calling it a night and retiring on the couch.


saturday started out super relaxed with plans to head to the park for another picnic! this time we headed out to play on the playground of the elementary school i went to when i was little.  it was pretty nostalgic watching the girls play where i have so many memories.. it was a lot of fun showing zach around the ropes and as always, the girls loved playing with their cousins! shortly after lunch we headed back to grammie and grampie’s house for a day planned to just…hang.

when all the kids woke up, we ate a quick snack and headed back outside to play in the sandbox and the yard. we really got a glimpse of summer and i think everyone can agree it was so so so needed.  these little snapshots of summer are what reawakens my soul to new life.

bubbles. cars. sandbox. baseball. music. dancing.

the kids had a blast. we quickly washed up for a dinner that had been cooking in the crockpot all day and stuffed our bellies.  we had planned to put the kids down so the adults could hang for a bit, so each little one went in for an assembly line bath before getting in jams.  the babes finished their night by snuggling and watching despicable me before getting tucked under.  the rest of the evening was spent eating cheesecake and watching Trading Places with Eddie Murphy…have you seen this?! this was my first time and it was cute!
after the movie, we bundled our babes into the car and headed home to get tucked in ourselves. the most wonderful day!


on sunday, i started stirring a bit before everyone else to start getting ready for church.  zach got the girls up and fed them breakfast before we ran out the door.  the girls have finally entered that stage that they get really excited to go see their ‘friends’ in the nursery, but then as soon as we walk back there, the screaming and ‘mama! mama! mammmmaaaaa!’ ensues.  we’ve only been called out once, but i know when i walk back to pick them up they’re having a blast.

after church we headed over to double day’s for a quick lunch with mammie + poppa and the usual church crew.  good food, easy conversation and solving the world’s problems, one toddler temper tantrum at a time. these kiddos are in trouble with so many mommy’s and daddy’s.

and then there’s toddler smooches. it just doesn’t get any cuter.

after lunch, zach snuck out to do a little work while the girls napped and i started yet again another really random organization project. does anyone else do this while they’re pregnant?! this time it was the bathroom cabinets.  i got halfway done before needing to run out to get my lashes refilled at jungle red salon and as always, i caught a quick snooze while joanna worked her magic. i left feeling refreshed and met zach and the girls at mammaw and pappaw’s house for an easy dinner and play time.  the girls simply can’t get enough of any of their grandparents and we’re so blessed to be able to spend so much time with each of them.

we ended our sunday on the couch and calling it a night!

i hope you had a great weekend too!

question: are you off today? if so, what are you doing with your extra time?!



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  1. My kids are off all week! Traveling to Florida for warmer weather although I hear it’s really warm at home!

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