friday favs #46

happy St. Patrick’s Day to YOU!!
i hope you have something fun planned to celebrate today and get to enjoy the some of the irish traditions! we’re actually expecting about 6 other sets of twins to be showing up on our doorstep here in a little bit for a little play date which is always chaotically so much fun! ¬†i’m not super into all the irish food, so we leave it to the green ice cream and fun crafts around here. ūüôā

this week’s round-up of favs is pretty random and all new things for us this week. ¬†we’ve had a super busy week now that our crew is feeling better and we’ve been able to get out of the house a bit. ¬†as always, you know i love hearing about what’s making your week, so don’t forget to play along with me!

have a great St. Patty’s Day + weekend!

friday favs
beauty + the beast date night
oh. my. gosh!!!! zach and i got to have a date night last night AND go to opening night for beauty + the beast!! guys, it was soooo¬†good!!!! mammaw and pappaw watched the girls for us at our house so we wouldn’t have to wake them while we made our way out for a super quick dinner. we grabbed a bite at mongolian grill because i was so panicked about the theatre being packed and getting there early to get good seats… ¬†ms. paranoid over here made us show up an hour early to the theatre and we walk in with one other couple sitting in their seats. whoops!! zach made fun of me for virtually an hour and we got to enjoy the biggest bucket of popcorn, milk duds, and he even got me a decaf caramel macchiato. #hubbygoals. we watched the movie in 3D and even snapped a sweet selfie…duck lips and all. ¬†those were out, what. 10 years ago? it’s cool, guys.
the movie was a m a z i n g!!! the music, the costumes. there were many times we were both singing right along and we walked out saying it absolutely did not disappoint.  if you love your disney movies and this one is one of the tops on my list.. you have to go see it!!

dunkin dates
the girls and i got the chance to go to a press event for a new dunkin donut’s that was opening earlier this week and had a blast!! we had the opportunity to try out a bunch of new foods {good night, i had no idea that their food was so good?!… turkey sausage flatbread or the sausage burrito was fantastic!!} and coffee {cold brew?! yum!!}. ¬†we also had the chance to learn how to decorate donuts and the girls had their hand at ‘painting’ the donuts and adding as many sprinkles as they could possibly fit. ¬†they were as cute as could be and then licked every ounce of frosting right off of their. mama’s girls for the win!!

prospectors cold brew
i’ve been on such a weird coffee kick trying to recreate some of my favs from starbucks and when i was at the store the other day and saw this stuff 50% off, i had to try it. ¬†i’ve always wanted to see if it was any good…i’ll be honest, mainly because of the packaging… but i thought it was a little ridiculously priced. ¬†i typically like to drink my coffee with milk, but i do like a strong taste, so when i read that you’re supposed to mix this with 1 part coffee to 3 parts milk/water, i threw it right in the cart. ¬†added a little simple syrup and some ice and i sipped on this beauty most of the morning. delish!!

library story time
one of the things i feel like i have done really well with as a mama is fostering a love for books in the girls. it makes my heart explode every single time the girls walk up with a book and ask to sit and read. ¬†i will rarely, if ever, turn them down from sitting in my lap as we turn the pages and dive right in. ¬†reading with your kids is by far one of the most important activities you can do with them and knowing that they love to read could be one of my favorite things in the world. ¬†we try to go to story time weekly at various branches around us and the girls love to sing, dance and listen to the story with other toddlers around. ¬†i started taking them by myself when they were about 7 months old and we just tried to get into the habit of being there. they love it, it’s a new environment to play in and then when i turn the corner and see piper sprawled out on the floor talking about the pictures to herself. i failed at most other things that day and she was as grumpy as could be…but this one moment made it totally worth it.

strawberry banana hidden cauliflower smoothie
holy guac guys. when i saw this recipe pop up over on julie’s blog earlier this week, i knew i had to try it out. ¬†i’ve been fighting a losing battle with food these days with the girls and when i saw that this had a cup of veggies in it…. hallelujah!!! the girls are always asking for ‘sips’ of my smoothies and why i’ve never seen that as an easy way to sneak veggies into them is beyond me. ¬†i definitely altered this recipe to what i had on hand, so virtually the only thing i bought at the store was riced cauliflower…mainly because it was on sale for a dollar. ¬†i’ll throw my version of the recipe up next week, but as julie mentioned in her post..this is virtually such an easy base that can be adapted to most any ingredients!! we will be drinking some version of this regularly!!!

question: what’s one thing your loving this week?!



14 thoughts on “friday favs #46

  1. I can’t wait to see Beauty and the Beast. The bows your girls are wearing – I am pretty sure we had something in that same fabric but I can’t remember what! That smoothie sounds delicious! Happy weekend!

  2. I love hiding veggies in smoothies. Spinach, banana and strawberries is another good mix. If you add enough strawberries, it will be pink (instead of green) and you can’t taste the spinach!

  3. Your date night sounds perfect! One of my goals this year has been to read more to my son. It is hard because he doesn’t like to sit still, but we are getting more reading time in. You’re right, it’s so important!

  4. Such a fun post! I love Dunkin! And that smoothie is so intriguing… I never would have thought to add cauliflower. I’ll have to try it sometime!

  5. First, can’t believe there’s cauliflower in that smoothie! Second, I LOVE cold brew ūüôā Third, how was Emma Watson?? I love her – need to see the movie! Fourth, I love your blog name, so clever!

  6. I can not wait to see Beauty and the Beast! I tried to make a MNO with my moms club, but most people couldn’t make it. I’ll be rescheduling. And that Dunkin’ Donuts event sounds so much fun!

  7. That smoothie sounds delicious! That’s one of the only things I’ll eat for breakfast, so I definitely need to try this out!

  8. I’m so glad you had such a great date night! I can’t wait to go see Beauty and the Beast! We were supposed to go see it this weekend, but then we had something come up so that’s on the agenda for this week, yay! And the Dunkin Doughnuts day with your girls sounds like so much fun!

  9. What is cold brew coffee exactly! I heard it’s stronger than regular? I’m sure I’d like it…

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